Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How is Vultana different from other

financial services?

A) Vultana has a vast bank and processor network so we can get most businesses approved and usually with lower fees. We will match you with the processor that meets your individual needs.

Vultana also provides the highest level of customer service and satisfaction!

Q) How quickly can I get approved?

A) The approval process is quick and we can have you processing cards in as little as 48 hours for traditional brick and mortar and even less for eCommerce.

Q) Do you offer next day funding?

A) Yes, in most cases you can have funds deposited the next day after they are batched.

– Johnny L.

Q) Do you work with “high risk” businesses?

A) We do work with businesses that are considered high risk including but not limited to subscription services, CBD, and cryptocurrency to name just a few.

Of course each business is reviewed on an individual basis and not all will be accepted.

Q) Will I have my own account representative?

A) Yes, you will have your own account representative so you can always find the answers you need without jumping through hoops.

Q) Will my transactions be secure?

A) Security is of utmost importance to Vultana. Our processors are Level 1 compliant services and will help you meet your PCI compliance needs.

Q) How can I get started with Vultana?

A) Apply now!